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Cool-Man's Livejournal

Places I've lived: Florida, Mississippi, Japan, Oklahoma, Maine, Germany, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and now Colorado.

Favorite foods: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian, pizza (not to be confused with Italian of course), many things that make into good sandwiches, Japanese (especially sushi and sashimi), Greek, probably lots of other ethnicities as well. My favored desserts generally involve combinations of chocolate, nuts, grains, dairy and rarely contain any fruit. I make a good pumpkin log. My favorite kind of popcorn is kettle corn, not that you asked.

Favorite movies: Dark City, The Shadow. There are many others. Loved The Matrix trilogy and LoTR trilogy, and most comic book movie adaptations.

Favorite music: pop/rock, new age, soundtracks, techno. Way too many specifics to list them. I have both very good and very bad, however.

Favorite person: Cade, though he can be a holy terror.

Best reason to destroy the human race: To prevent the filming of Zardoz II: The Kinder, Gentler, Gun-Spewing Floating Stone Head. (Ironically, this might allow Zardoz I to become a reality.)

Best reason to save it: Who will we make fun of if we're all toast?

Did I mention I ramble? Sometimes I huddle in a corner and work on writing a book. Hey, everybody needs a dream.
anime, cats, fortune cookies, frictionless sheets, music, occasional coding projects, reading, underwater twister, writing